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George at the portal

Neverstill Ranch this morning.  Many rivers to cross.  Many portals to choose.

Introducing Coq Au Vin Portland

Neverstill Ranch, Birkenfeld Oregon

03 June 2023

The journey of life is one of endless choices and opportunities. Carried along by the currents of fate we are somewhat limited in our ability to alter the general course of life’s mighty river.  Yet with a firm hand on the tiller, we possess innate capacity to guide our destiny, empowering us to ford these crossings at least proximal to our intended landing zone.

Triggered by the premature failure of the Magic Meat Truck’s engine that fateful April Fool’s Day, Rose and I have been swept forward by a sequence of decisions and events which have led us to a landing these two months hence.  We have successfully navigated the challenging intricacies of regulations and permitting, securing a safe haven from which to deploy our evolving enterprise.

Following several weeks of immense effort and the surprisingly expedient support of regulatory agencies we are proud to announce our new base of operations in Portland, Coq Au Vin.  Licensed by Oregon Department of Agriculture as a specialty meat market we will operate our existing meat truck out of a brick and mortar location at 2376 NW Thurman Street in the Northwest neighborhood of the City of Roses.  As this new project unfolds we will be expanding our offerings to include items from local farmers, foragers, fisheries and food artisans.  We are also eager to once again bring pleasure to the palates of our followers by sharing our passion for farm to table cuisine with onsite dining experiences, in a redux of our La Boucherie days on Vashon Island.  We can’t wait to bring together a community of friends old and new into our culinary haven on the shores of Portland!

Although this victorious triumph fills us with excitement at the many opportunities ahead, it is not with out its compromises and pitfalls.  The path we have taken, and the choices made have created new realities for us.  The particular regulatory permissions we have been granted by the State of Oregon currently prohibit us from continuing our operations in Washington with the Magic Meat Truck.  This is not necessarily a permanent situation and as we continue to partner with our new agencies, we anticipate a path forward which will allow us to return to our previous patterns of popups in Portland, Seattle and Vashon.  We deeply appreciate the support and patience of all of our customers throughout the region.  In the meantime we continue to provide shipping to your home as a fantastic option to procure our farmstead meats.  Thank you all for your continued support as we navigate these exhilarating and turbulent waters!

With gratitude and love,

George & Rose

Our new hours of operation are in development.  For this week we will not be selling in Seattle or Vashon.  We will be operating the Magic Meat Truck at Coq Au Vin, 2376 NW Thurman Street, Portland Oregon 97210:

Saturday, 03 June 2023  11am - 7pm

Sunday, 04 June 2023 11am - 7pm

Monday, 05 June 2023 11am - 7pm

Tuesday & Wednesday Closed

Thursday, 08 June 2023 11am - 7pm

Friday, 09 June 2023 11am - 7pm

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new retail space

Coq Au Vin, our new butcher shop and eatery

Our new “Chop Shop” at Coq Au Vin

new piglets!

A new litter of Vashon Wattle Spot pigs this morning!

Roman holds one of Bugey’s new pups.


Paupiette de Rose