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Baby River
Rose was in deep nesting mode Sunday night when I returned home from the weekend markets about 7:30pm.  Waving a lengthy list in her hand, she scurried about instructing me on what needed to be done before the midwives arrived. Pausing only slightly for the more intense contractions she prepared the farmhouse for the imminent arrivals.  At half past ten that evening, she reclined in the large jacuzzi tub, scratching items off her list.  Finally, she sighed, handed the list to me and pronounced "The items that are circled can wait until morning!"  90 minutes later, under a stunning full moon, in her fiercely independent way, she delivered baby River into this world.  It was one of the most beautiful scenes I have witnessed in my life!  As he uttered his first squealing cries, she finally allowed the midwives into the room.

Perfect Timing
Many of you have heard me jokingly say at the markets that I have been requesting that Rose schedule the delivery for a Monday so we could have maximum time to enjoy our week with the baby before the markets.  Rose and River could not have timed it better!
We can't wait for you to meet our new family member, River Adonis Allred Page.  Born at 12 minutes past midnight on the 23rd of August 2021.  Eight pounds even.

(Note: the final two images below are NOT stock photos.  Our lovely midwife, Patricia took these amazing photos of the full moon and the gorgeous flowers in our garden shortly before River was born!)

Vashon Popup this Saturday, 5-7pm
Following the success of our first Vashon popup, we will be hosting our second! We look forward to seeing you between 5pm-7pm Saturday evening, 28 August 2021, at our Vashon farm property,
10730 SW 116th Street, Vashon WA 98070.

See you in the Magic Meat Truck!
River Adonis Allred Page
Rose, Madrona and River
Rose's nesting checklist
Full moon during River's birth
Flowers in the garden