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White Water Skillz

04 December 2021

Neverstill, Oregon

I took Jared for his first paddling experience when he was nine. 

We hit a rough spot on the Newaukum River and flipped our canoe. My 20 year old self was terrified seeing my little brother’s head bobbing in the icy water but all was well and we bailed our boat and continued on our way. Whatever it was about that day, Jared has had a lifelong obsession with whitewater. He has traveled the world in pursuit of this passion for decades. He put his skills to work on the farm this week.
Our water supply at Neverstill comes from a pump submerged in Deep Creek. The creek surrounds the farmhouse on three sides like a castle moat. It runs in a very deep channel and is a mere 12 inches deep midsummer but becomes a proper River by October. With the rising waters a mass of flotsam became entangled in our water pump restricting the flow. With his slick river kayak Jared paddled down and cleared it out. He didn’t capsize this time but he did do an Eskimo roll, much to Roman’s delight. 

I am eager to see each of you in the Magic Meat Truck this weekend.