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Curing Garlic
One of our favorite features of the Neverstill farm property is a magnificent timber framed barn we have nicknamed “The Byre”.  Built in the late 1800s, it has an expansive loft area which is perfectly suited for curing onions, garlic and conjuring visions of bountiful harvests.  This past week, Rose pulled her beautiful garlic and onions, dried, and carefully laid them away in the loft. These are a staple in our kitchen and will be featured in our sausages, pâtés, stews and sauces for the coming year. This week I included them in my slow-simmered bolognese sauce. The delectable aroma of the bubbling ragu wafted across the farm as we prepared for market yesterday, redolent of garden herbs and veggies laced with the heady fragrance of wine and meat. As many of you know I make it in very small batches so be sure to get some while it lasts. I packed both quarts and pints.
See you in the Magic Meat Truck!
Rose with her garlic harvest in the loft of our magnificent timber frame barn from the 1800s. 
The “Byre”