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A Den of Skunks

This week as I was doing the nightly rounds a family of five skunks introduced themselves to me with a threatening dance. Tails held high in a posture of warning they clearly indicated their intent were I to approach one step closer. Slowly and obediently I carefully backed away not keen on what introduction they may have to offer. I watched as they proceeded to scurry back into their den, which is very inconveniently located directly beneath our chick brooder. This is an extremely unfortunate dilemma as these malodorous creatures are also known to feast on chickens and eggs!  I do not relish the task of relocating these unwelcome residents. 

A new smokehouse 
A far more welcome sight and deliciously enticing aroma at Neverstill Ranch is a new smokehouse that my brother Jared built this week. This means Rose’s magnificent oak and applewood smoked bacon, hams, hocks and other smokey delights are back in all of their mahogany-brown-burnished glory!

See you in the Magic Meat Truck!
Unwelcome residents 
Roman checking out the new smokehouse