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Weekly stories from the farm
Pigs are fascinating creatures. One of their more interesting habits is to fabricate elaborate nests just before birthing.   Gathering sticks, twigs, leaves, straw and grass they weave together sprawling, cozy bedding apart from the herd. Just days after moving our beautiful swineherd to Neverstill Ranch, two of our expectant sows began the process. This week ushered in the arrival of two piles of squirming, squealing, delightful piglets. 

Meanwhile, in the new farmhouse, Rose bustles about hanging drapes and pictures, assertively directing my two brothers and our good friend Jonas from Kirsop farm, as they trundle in with couches and beds and comforters and armoires.  I watch her sit and pause, lacing her hardworking hands across her plump tummy and carefully perusing her handiwork. The nest is nearly complete. Any week now a squirming, squealing bundle of joy will join our brood in this magnificent mountain valley.  

See you at the markets. 

Vashon wattle-spot piglets 
Full moon at 5 am today. Neverstill ranch.