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Lots of progress on the farm this week
We setup more grazing paddocks for the ducks and new sleeping quarters in the barn for the pigs. There was a flood watch for the area, heavy rainfall, beautiful rainbows and the rivers are rising. I didn’t have any issues getting out of the Misty Mountains today but the wet weather is a good reminder that I may very well get stuck here sometime this winter. We now carry a chainsaw in the market truck for the inevitable downed tree on these twisted mountain roads. 

I am eager to see each of you in the Magic Meat Truck this weekend. 

**We will be arriving at UD at about 09:00. We will be doing a Vashon popup this evening, 17:30-18:30. We will be at Ballard from 9am-2pm tomorrow. 
Rose and River making pork chops last night 
Rainbow on the farm. 
New duck paddock
Pig pile
Baby pigs