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The importance of a proper setup

I moved the ducks to a new paddock this week. This is an activity which can be extremely frustrating if one does not take the time to setup the transition well. When properly configured, moving the animals from one paddock to the next is effortless.  They naturally move themselves while I stand back, sip my coffee and observe the triumphant migration.  As I watched the birds waddle their way to the fresh swath of green grass, I thought of the many situations where a proper setup makes the difference between effortless flow and infuriating friction.

In the kitchen most professional chefs use a French strategy called “Mise en place”, which translates loosely as “everything in its place”.  This highly effective technique involves prepping all of the ingredients for a complex dish or elaborate meal ahead of time, ensuring that the execution flows smoothly.  The Japanese 5S methodology of workspace production employs a similar concept called “Seiton (整頓)” or “Set in order”.  And finally another productivity technique I have employed in my life, especially in my office work, is David Allen’s excellent and effective “Getting Things Done”, or GTD, which involves staging all of your tasks in one place and then sorting and organizing them into place before doing them.
So many thoughts to ponder while the ducks noisily quack their way across the field!

I am eager to see each of you in the Magic Meat Truck this weekend. 

**We will be arriving at UD at about 09:00. We will be doing a Vashon popup this evening, 17:30-18:30. We will be at Ballard from 09:00-14:00 tomorrow. 
The birds eagerly enter a fresh paddock