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Fencing NeverStill

23 October 2021
NeverStill Oregon

Fencing is a job that is never complete.  
Neverstill is a very large property at 132 acres, over ten times larger than our Vashon farm. This means a LOT more fencing to maintain. Working on the fences is a fun family activity. We load the kids, tools and supplies into our all wheel drive farm “trucks” and head out to the field. We installed over a quarter mile of perimeter fence this Monday.  Honestly it was mostly Rose (and River). Roman, Madrona and I just tried to stay out of her way!

We will be arriving at the University District popup at 09:00 today and Ballard at 09:00 tomorrow. We will NOT be doing our Vashon popup tonight. 

See you in the Magic Meat Truck!  We have all the fixings for Raclette as well as some fun new items like Roquefort, Lonza, Guanciale, Mortadella and Coppa.