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In the urban landscape its ubiquity wearies the eye and fatigues the soul. In the farmscape it is quite the opposite. The very sight of a morsel quickens the heart as its presence provides sanity and relief from the dusts of summer and muds of winter which plague any area heavily trafficked by man or beast. We successfully poured a gorgeous, thick slab of it in front of the ChopShop this Tuesday, just in time to beat the first autumn…

It’s been months. Too long. The pastures and forests are thirsty. We welcome the relief from the deep drought and threat of wildfires.

Birthday week!
 Roman turned four on Wednesday and Madrona turned two on Thursday!  We made pound cake with summer berry frosting and opened presents and had a birthday hayride. 

Are gorgeous this week. I stand by my ducks. See below.

See you in the Magic Meat Truck!

PS Vashon popup from 5-6:30 tonight. 
Pouring concrete 
Edging the slab
Concrete inspector
Dry pastures 
Grazing the forest 
Birthday presents 
Birthday hayride 
I stand by my ducks