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We were on the road most of this week for various reasons,
and the hours got away from us.  Rose is on her way to University District with the Magic Meat Truck.  She will be arriving around 10am.  I will be shortly behind her with the kids in a separate vehicle. 

It was a banner week full of successes and triumphs.  We are so excited for what the future holds.  After our grueling schedule on the road, we were able to enjoy some down time with the kids cooking dinner on a campfire on Deep Creek.  We grilled our beef bratwurst and enjoyed them with homemade aioli and George's mustard.

We have the beef bratwurst on the truck this weekend as well as a fresh batch of bolognese.

Rose, the kids and I are eager to see you on the Magic Meat Truck this weekend!

Sausages on the campfire at Deep Creek
Construction zone on the farm
Clatskanie liquor store
A lovely spring walk on the farm
Our official LNI Insignia for the Magic Meat Truck!  One of our many accomplishments this week.
Rose sprucing up the truck for markets