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Monday afternoon as we were driving back to the farm after dropping off the Magic Meat Truck for some routine maintenance,
we saw David on the side of the road with a trailer full of canoes for sale. Ever since moving to our new farm at Neverstill Oregon, we have wanted to get canoes. The farm is nestled alongside the Nehalem River and surrounded by Deep Creek and Cougar Creek, and is therefore ideal for canoeing. We made a deal with David and he begrudgingly followed us the 18 sinuous miles of mountain roads and dropped off our two new canoes!  We quickly checked in on the livestock, threw together a picnic basket, loaded a canoe into the trailer and took the kids up the road for a late afternoon paddle.  We put into the Nehalem a couple of miles upriver and paddled back to our own pasture!  We then hauled the canoe up through the canary grass to the duck paddock and were eagerly greeted by our loyal livestock guardian dogs, Huck and Bugey.  
Back at the farmhouse, Rose picked some fresh asparagus from the garden and I grilled the delicate spears along with chicken breasts, butter and bleu cheese. We cut into a crusty loaf of warm bread and washed it all down with a lovely bottle of our 2014 Pinot Noir.  Bliss. 

Rose has baked fresh loaves of pâté, confit, duck rillettes and finished up another batch of smoked meats. I packed another round of my mustard to accompany. We also have fresh spring chickens and ducks which we slaughtered with our dear friend Mackenzie this Thursday. It has been a magical week. The kids are still talking about the canoe trip. 

Our Vashon popup has been wildly successful so we will continue to do it every Saturday. We are settling on a location about a block South of the main Vashon Town intersection, close to Camp Colvos brewery, about 5-7pm. 
And of course we continue to come to University District Saturdays, and Ballard Sundays from 9-2. Further details are below. 

Rose, the kids and I are eager to see you all on the Magic Meat Truck this weekend!

David delivers canoes 
Ready to paddle!
On the river with the family 
Madrona in the bow
River loves the River!
A homecoming welcome by Huck and Bugey
Garden asparagus and chicken breasts 
Post-canoeing feast!
Rose and Mackenzie harvesting ducks
The kids enjoying a soak in the hot tub