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Building a Barstool
I spent a fair amount of the week organizing my workshop and tool area.  Our Neverstill farm property has a large, equipment barn which is divided into three spacious, drive-in bays with massive barn doors large enough to drive a large truck into.  I have repurposed two of the bays into a workshop and storage space for tools and supplies.  We have named the building "Remise", which is a French word that translates loosely as "to send back", but also comes from the old French as "coach house", or a place to put or send the coaches.  Inspired by the capacious and newly organized workspace, I decided to try my hand at a simple woodworking project.

I am not much of a carpenter or woodworker as I find I don't have the patience to be as meticulous as required. However, as a farmer, it is incumbent to be fairly proficient at just about any mechanical skill.  I suppose I have become what my Father has always claimed of himself: A "Jack of all trades, Master of none."

And so I began by searching through a pile of scrap lumber and finding the suitable members required. My goal was to finish the project entirely with tools and materials at hand.  I am happy to report that objective was achieved. Furthermore, the stool turned out to be far more stable than my meager carpentry skills merited!  The kids had good fun watching the project come together, and were delighted with the results.  Plenty of good sibling rivalry ensued as they all jockeyed for a turn on the new stool.

We also completed a quick re-organization of our Farmhouse kitchen this week, repurposing an existing cabinet unit into an enormous kitchen island-bar, and topping it with a massive slab of Cypress wood that we harvested from our Vashon Farm many years ago.  This was the secondary inspiration for building the barstool; It serves as the prototype for the remaining seven that I will now create.  With those two projects completed, we set about to put up the abundant goodness of the deep summer harvest. I made a massive pot of tomato sauce and a fragrant pot of strawberry-peach jam, both of which will go into our kitchen pantry to serve as nostalgic reminders on dreary winter days of the bygone and languid days of summer.

We are all eager to see you in the Magic Meat Truck this week!

--George, Rose, Roman, Madrona and River

Magic Meat Truck Popup Schedule for this week:

REMINDER: We will be at our NEW location in University District Seattle today, 13 August, 09:00-14:00, and at our Downtown Vashon popup near Camp Colvos taproom, 18:00-20:00.

On Sunday, 14 August we will be in our usual location in front of MacLeod's Pub at 5200 Ballard Avenue NW, 09:00-14:00.

We will be at our Thurman Street Popup in front of St. HonorĂ© Boulangerie both Monday and Thursday.  We are adjusting the schedule to align better with our busy farm life and the busier sales hours of 5pm-7pm.

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Admiring the finished product
Fighting over who gets to try out the new barstool.
Shucking corn!
Strawberry-peach jam
Simmering the tomato sauce
Milling the tomato sauce
Summer abundance
The Kitchen Island-Bar