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Birthday festivities
We celebrated River's first birthday with family on Tuesday!  We enjoyed a lovely spread of cheese, charcuterie and farm wine in the shade of the apple orchard while the babbling of Deep Creek serenaded the festivities.  I baked a plump, golden pound cake and slathered it with strawberry-lemon buttercream.  We plunged a single beeswax candle into the warm dessert and presented it to a bewildered River, whom of course attempted to snatch the alluring flame from the candlestick!  It has certainly been a busy and transformative year since he was born under a full moon on this magical farm surrounded by rivers and mountains.  Here is a link to the post I wrote celebrating his birth last August.

On Wednesday we moved a new batch of chickens out to pasture, always a fun activity for children and adults alike, birds fluttering and squawking and kids squealing with delight as we chase the fowl out to their new grassy home in the late summer sun.  These will be our meat birds this fall, plump and fattened by their foraging in the fields and forests along the creek behind the farmhouse.  Fattening themselves for winter, these autumn birds are the most flavorful and meaty and are one of our favorite harvest meals as the shadows lengthen and the days shorten and grapes are stomped and crops are gathered in the latter months of the year.

Rose has put together a stunning selection of products again this week.  She will be doing the markets this weekend while the kids and I take care of the farm.  I know she is eager to see you all in the Magic Meat Truck!


River with Grandpa and his first birthday cake.
Moving chickens.
Huck loves helping.
River setting up a feeder.