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The Cold Range

10 December 2022

Clatskanie, Oregon

Rose.  Armed and dangerous.
For date night this week, Rose and I visited the Clatskanie Rifle and Pistol Club.  Gerry led us through a very thorough orientation and gun safety course, after which we enjoyed a little target practice on the indoor range with our .22 caliber farm rifle.  A crucial element of protocol on the outdoor range, we learned, is the designation of a "Cold Range" and a "Hot Range".  A large, green, plastic dummy with a bright orange flag is utilized as a signal.  Whenever someone heads downrange to place or check on a target, the "Cold Range" dummy is placed in full view to warn all to unload and stow their firearms.  Once the range is clear, the dummy is removed and the range is "Hot".  Safety is of paramount importance whenever dealing with any type of tool or equipment.  On the farm, Rose and I have developed numerous similar protocols in order to maintain safety when using tractors, machinery, tools or vehicles.  This is particularly important with three little ones running about the farm!  We are now members of the rifle club and look forward to many more date nights honing our marksmanship and hunting skills!

Gerry, our range instructor with Rose on the indoor range.
George takes aim at the angry birds target.
Post-range repast at the Hotel Monticello restaurant in Longview.
The lovely lobby of the Hotel Monticello