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About every 2 to 3 months we receive a delivery of feed for our animals.

We order a full semi trailer at a time and it arrives in 1000 pound white totes.  It takes several hours to unload and organize it in the spacious old timber framed barn. This  feed is a supplement to the pasture plants for our non-ruminant animals such as pigs chickens and ducks.   We have a custom feed mix milled for us by Red Bridge Farms in Northeast Washington   it is a very high-quality feed consisting of sunflower seeds, wheat, barley, kelp meal, minerals and probiotics.   It honestly looks pretty tasty and we usually have to convince Roman and Madrona not to eat too much of it when they’re helping with chores.

I will see you all this weekend! I caught this great photo of a large Elk Herd as I was leaving the farm this morning. Cheers!

I will be arriving at UD at 09:15 Saturday and Ballard at 09:00 Sunday. 
I am eager to see each of you in the Magic Meat Truck this weekend!


**Please note we will not be at our usual location in Ballard Sunday.  The market organization was unable to accommodate us in their layout for 2022.  We will be located four blocks south of our former location.  Continue walking two blocks past south end of market, or find ample parking south of us on Ballard Ave.  We will be located at the intersection of 20th Avenue NW and Ballard Avenue NW at about 5200 Ballard Ave NW in front of the Macleod’s pub.  We are still finalizing our street permits for this new location, so please bear with us as we make this transition.

Roman and Madrona eating chicken feed
Elk Herd
Roman and Madrona and Uncle Justin