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Date night!

Rose and I had a fun date night Monday, rolling out handmade pappardelle and roasting duck legs, while the kids spent the evening with our neighbors down the lane!

On the farm front, the first lambs of the season have been born in the field. Our first batch of ducklings are out of the brooder and the weather has been bipolar, oscillating between icy winter and balmy spring. We have beautiful fat ducks this week, lamb merguez sausage, and more mustard. 

I have also baked a few of my rustic village loaves, which are available to purchase by the pound, any size you like. 

Rose, the kids and I look forward to seeing you all in the Magic Meat Truck this weekend!


**Please note we will not be at our usual location in Ballard Sunday.  We are now fully independent and will not be part of the market organization for the 2022 season.  We will be located four blocks south of our former location.  Continue walking two blocks past south end of market, or find ample parking south of us on Ballard Ave.  We will be located at the intersection of 20th Avenue NW and Ballard Avenue NW at about 5200 Ballard Ave NW in front of the Macleod’s pub.  We are still finalizing our street permits for this new location, so please bear with us as we make this transition.

Sheep and lambs
New ducklings 
Deep Creek
Balmy Spring

Come find us this weekend! 
We have a lovely selection of luscious French cheeses, along with our farm-raised duck, chicken, beef, lamb, pork, sausage, pâtés, charcuterie, salumeria and wine.