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Weekly stories from the farm
It has been a pleasantly quiet and uneventful week on the farm
The rivers have receded, the ice and snow have melted, the power has been stable, the animals are thriving, the pasture is slowly growing back lush and green and the days are ever so slightly longer! I even had time this week to enjoy one of my favorite pastimes-baking bread! Friday was balmy, in the 50s and felt very spring-ish.  The kids had a great time frolicking and playing in the great outdoors.

I will be arriving at UD at 09:00.  For all of you lamb lovers, we will have lamb and mutton!
I am eager to see each of you in the Magic Meat Truck this weekend!


**Please note we will not be at our usual location in Ballard Sunday.  In order to accommodate the new market layout for 2022 we will be located two blocks south of the market proper near the intersection of 20th Avenue NW and Ballard Avenue NW at about 5136 Ballard Ave NW.  We are still finalizing our street permits for this new location, so please bear with us as we make this transition.

Baby River is almost 5 months old!
Madrona and Roman love playing outside on the new ranch!
Balmy January day on the farm
Fresh bread!