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There has been some confusion regarding our Ballard location.
Many of you have expressed difficulty finding us this year.  The Ballard Farmer's Market has communicated they are no longer able to accommodate us in the existing market footprint.  They have asked us to relocate two blocks from the south end of the market.  We are now located four blocks south of our former location, at 5136 Ballard Ave NW, in front of the Conor Byrne Pub.  We will be in this location for the next few weeks as we negotiate a permanent arrangement.   Please see Google StreetView Link.

I have been on a Baking Binge!

I'm not sure why, maybe the holiday baking season kicked it in, but I am back on my baking routine.  My bread starter is lively and the loaves are rolling.  I was so inspired that I made croissant dough with my sourdough starter this week as well.  Naturally leavened!

I will be arriving at UD at 09:00.  
I am eager to see each of you in the Magic Meat Truck this weekend!


**Please note we will not be at our usual location in Ballard Sunday.  In order to accommodate the new market layout for 2022 we will be located four blocks south of our former location, and two blocks south of the end of the market proper.  Continue walking two blocks past south end of market, or find ample parking south of us on Ballard Ave.  We will be located at the intersection of 20th Avenue NW and Ballard Avenue NW at about 5136 Ballard Ave NW.  We are still finalizing our street permits for this new location, so please bear with us as we make this transition.

Fresh-baked croissant with summer jam and fresh butter!