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We took a quick road trip on Monday to visit our farmer friends, Preciliano and Cynthia in Prosser. We traveled Interstate 84 East along the Oregon side of the river, and then 97 North through Goldendale. It was a beautiful day and a lovely drive.  As we wound our way back along the Columbia Gorgeous (pun intended) we encountered roadworks at Cascade Locks and were forced to detour onto the aptly named “Bridge of the Gods” back to the Washington side. The narrow, two lane bridge arcs high above the deep canyon of the mighty Columbia as it carves its way towards the Pacific Ocean.  It was getting dark but was nonetheless a breathtaking view. We were reminded again of what a beautiful corner of the world we live in here in the Pacific Northwest. 

The next day we worked on poultry fencing with the kids, and then enjoyed a scrumptious late evening dinner of roasted chicken accompanied by garden salad and peas. 

We have beautiful plump summer roasting chickens again, as well as fat ducks. I packed more mustard this week and doubled my bread production!  

Rose spun a Cajun themed Piggy Pack this week which includes Louisiana-style Boudin and headcheese!  

Rose’s Piggy Pack for 16 July:
Louisiana-style Boudins
Cajun Andouille 
Cajun-style Hogs Head cheese
Smothered Pork Chops

Reminder:  We will be at a NEW location in UD today, at 5229 University Way NE from 9am-2pm. 

Strawberry Festival is happening on Vashon today.  We will try to be in our normal location near Camp Colvos, but if not we will likely be in the parking lot near Earthen Bistro. Text George at 206.427.3396 if you can’t find us.  Of course, as always we will also be at Ballard Sunday from 9am - 2pm. 

Rose, the kids and I are eager to see you all in the Magic Meat Truck!

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The mighty Columbia 
Bridge of the Gods
Fence repairs 
Garden Salad
Roasted chicken 
Family dinner