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The Oregon Coast

23 July 2022

Neverstill, Oregon

We did a brief reconnaissance popup in Portland Monday.   We are considering what opportunities may be available to us in this area and decided to do an exploratory foray.  We were pleasantly surprised by the welcoming response to our stealthy evening popup.  We have always been drawn to the French vibe and ambience and quality of St. Honoré bakery.  Nestled into the northwest corner of the city, the Thurman Street location is situated such that it is the very first approach to Portland from our Nehalem River farm.  The drive is quite pleasant, being almost entirely rural, forested, two lane highway, with only the last 15 minutes being on a relatively un-trafficed beltway.  The staff at St. Honoré have been extremely generous and supportive and we look forward to establishing an ongoing presence there on Mondays and Fridays to "sandwich" our weekend popups in Seattle and Vashon.  Stay tuned for more details!

On Tuesday, we took the Magic Meat Truck in the opposite direction, heading to Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast.  At about 60 minutes from the farm, it is also a potential opportunity for us to provide residents and vacationers with our superb farm-raised meats.  We explored the oceanfront town, searching for popup locations and feeling the pulse of the setting.  Before heading back to the farm we took a few minutes to dip our toes into the ocean and enjoy the seductive salty ocean spray in the summer sun.  Back at the farm the next day we enjoyed a cool dip in the shady waters of deep creek.  It was a pleasant week.  We are rejuvenated and ready to serve our Seattle and Vashon friends this weekend!

We have beautiful plump summer roasting chickens again, as well as fat ducks and all poultry parts thereof, such as breasts, legs, wings and carcasses. We have bolognese, bread and mustard.  Our sausage selection includes Moroccan Beef, Lamb Provence, Boudin Canards (duck sausage), smoked cajun-style boudin, and smoked bratwurst.  In our cheese selection we have Brebirousse, Vacherousse, Fourme d'Ambert, Parmigiano Reggiano, Delice de Bourgogne and Delice Mon Sire.  We have a wide selection of pork, beef and lamb cuts, as well as pâté, rillettes, hog's head cheese, bacon, salami and prosciutto.

Reminder:  We are loving our NEW location in UD!  Come find us there today, at 5229 University Way NE from 9am-2pm!

Strawberry Festival was a hugely successful popup for us last Saturday!  It seems like momentum is really building on Vashon.  Thank you all for supporting us!  With summer ferry traffic, it is becoming more difficult to get to Vashon town by 5pm, so we will be shifting our hours a bit.  We will be in our normal location near Camp Colvos at 5:30pm-8-ish pm Saturday. Of course, as always we will also be at Ballard Sunday from 9am - 2pm. 

Rose, the kids and I are eager to see you all in the Magic Meat Truck!


PS--Reminder for those of you unable to make it to our popup locations.  We now provide shipping to Washington and Oregon!  Tap the button below to place an order.  We can't wait to deliver our farm fresh goodies to your door!
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St. Honoré popup
Looking South
The kids enjoying the evening sun in front of St. Honoré
Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock
Happy Family
The peaceful cool of Deep Creek on the farm
Rose's Hog's Head Cheese
It's a "ekachashya"!