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We spent most of this week at our Vashon Island farm property, 
 racking and bottling and moving wine. We have a lovely, light-bodied Pinot Noir from 2014 bottled and ready for market. And we are super excited about our upcoming 2009 Brisage, a barrel blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Grenache. It has aged beautifully and we can’t wait to share it with you. Our quick barrel tasting revealed notes of tobacco leaf, leather and cherry cordial. Yum!  Our dear friends Katherine and Maeva and their kids joined us for some of the activities.  It was great catching up with our Vashon people and the kids had a blast running wild around the farm. 

Last week I mentioned the return of our Seattle Home Delivery options. I haven’t had the time to get our website configured for that yet, but if this is something you are interested in, please make a quick response to this email so I can get an informal poll of the interest level. 

On another note, we sold out of my last batch of mustard far too quickly, but fortunately I have another vat fermenting which will be ready to pack for next weekend. This batch is smelling particularly wonderful. I have made a slight tweak to my spice blend and can’t wait for you all to try it. It is such a perfect pairing with our meats and charcuterie and sausage. Rose has prepared her usual scrumptious selection of seductive sausages, including one of our favorites, ginger-beef bratwurst. 

Rose, the kids and I are eager to see you on the Magic Meat Truck this weekend!

Rose and Maeva in the cellar. 
Rose and River in the cellar. 
Maeva racking wine
Madrona in her winemakers outfit 
Mustard crock