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Monday was another trip to Longview for some repairs to the Magic Meat Truck.
We have been having troubles with the emission control systems on the Ford Transit's Diesel engine.  All is covered by warranty, but it has become troublesome as the truck has been relegated to "limp mode" which limits us to about 40 miles per hour uphill which is quite frustrating, particularly as it lengthens our already lengthy commute to the markets.  Furthermore, with supply chain and labor shortage issues it has been very difficult to get the parts replaced.  We gave up on the Ford dealership and located a very helpful Diesel repair shop in Vancouver, WA.  The owner, Sean has been very quick and responsive and we are back on the road with our full range of power!  Such a relief.  On the way home, we stopped by the local eatery in Longview and enjoyed some outdoor dining with the kids.  It's quite a handful keeping these three rascals corralled at a restaurant, so we were very grateful for the outdoor arrangement and favorable weather.

We have encountered a gap in our beef production
and currently none of our cows are ready to harvest for a few more months.  Fortunately, our friend Patrick was able to supply us with a beautiful grass-pastured cow this month.  The beef is absolutely gorgeous with deep marbling and color.  Patrick ranges his cows in a near perfect setting on Puget Island in the middle of the Columbia River about ten miles from us as the crow flies.  Puget Island is primarily grazing land being a large, relatively flat island in the middle of a river.  The island has been setup with a system of dikes and floodgates which allow the farmers to flood irrigate the pastures in the dry summer months and drain excess water in the wet winter months.  It is truly an ideal year-round grazing paradise.  Before we purchased our Neverstill property we looked very seriously at the farm where Patrick grazes his cows as a possible location for our move.  Ultimately, we chose the quieter, more secluded Neverstill location, but have maintained a friendship with Patrick.  We are extremely excited to share his beautiful beef with you for the time being!

In addition,
Rose coddled a luscious duck pâté, a seductive smoked ham and George packed more creamy mustard to accompany. 

Our Vashon popup has been wildly successful so we will continue to do it every Saturday. We are settling on a location about a block South of the main Vashon Town intersection, close to Camp Colvos brewery, about 5-7pm. 
And of course we continue to come to University District Saturdays, and Ballard Sundays from 9-2. Further details are below. 

Rose, the kids and I are eager to see you all on the Magic Meat Truck this weekend!

Menus are fun!
Lunch in Longview
“Sean, our truck is running in limp mode.  I think it must be the DEF sensor!”
“I don't know Madrona, I  think it’s the EGR sensor!”
Rose Pose.