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On Top of the World. SpaceX

14 May 2022

Neverstill, Oregon

Many of you know I have a background in tech.
After completing a degree in Physics at the University of Washington, I went on to work as a software engineer at a medical device company in Redmond. Five years in a cubicle were enough to convince me I belonged elsewhere, however I am grateful for many of the skills and problem solving abilities I developed as they have been remarkably useful in the development of a farming business. Although I no longer work in technology, I remain deeply interested and inspired by technical innovation. By far the greatest inspiration for me has been following the outstanding achievements and accomplishments continually executed by Elon Musk and his teams at SpaceX, Tesla and other companies. And so it was with great excitement that we accepted an offer by one of our customers to take a tour of the SpaceX facility in Redmond where the Starlink satellites are built.  

Yesterday marks the one year anniversary of the purchase of Neverstill Ranch, our magnificent new farm spread along the Nehalem River in Northwest Oregon. The property is extremely remote, located deep in the North Coast mountains, and is 45 minutes from any cellular phone service or high speed internet. The Starlink satellite internet constellation has truly been a godsend for us, providing us with reliable, affordable, high speed internet.  We really enjoyed our tour of the pristine, inspiring satellite factory and laboratory. Our friends were great hosts and extremely generous with their time and entertaining our rambunctious children!

Upon returning to the farm, Rose, the kids and I hiked across our pasture and to the top of one of the peaks rising above our farmland. We enjoyed a beautiful evening with gorgeous sweeping views of our idyllic new home in the mountains. We felt on top of the world.  

We have more spring chickens this week, gorgeous smoked meats, pork, plump sausages, beef and lamb.  As we were leaving the farm this morning we were surprised by the gentle bleating of a new lamb that looked not more than an hour old!

We continue our Vashon popup Saturday evenings about a block South of the main Vashon Town intersection, close to Camp Colvos brewery, roughly 5-7pm. 
And of course we continue to come to University District Saturdays, and Ballard Sundays from 9-2. Further details are below. 

Rose, the kids and I are eager to see you all on the Magic Meat Truck this weekend!

SpaceX tour!
On top of the world!
River on top of a stump and beneath the moon. 
New lamb this morning 
Rose poses with our dry-aging beef