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Roman with the new brooder.
Roman and I worked on a new brooder coop setup for the chicks and ducklings this week.   We learned about "2x4s", measuring twice and cutting once, using a block of wood to make a straight-edge and reading a tape measure.   Next, we setup a slick new watering system for the chicks and ducks that utilizes "dripper" nozzles to provide constant access to fresh water for the little birdies, whilst preventing them from getting soaking wet and chilled.  Roman is a great helper and is thriving and learning rapidly in the farm setting.  I love to see his little mind at work solving problems and to hear all of the fascinating questions he asks.  He also maintains good vigilance over the broods and lets me know as soon as he sees a problem.  Enjoy the video below with Roman and Madrona!

Rose has arranged an exciting new location for the Magic Meat Truck in the middle of the market setup at Ballard today.  She will be deployed in the parking lot behind Ballard Home Comfort and LUCCA.  The location is a little tucked away, but directly in the middle of the market.  Please spread the word and accept our apologies for the confusion and distance from our previous location south of market.  Links, maps, schedules and a great video below!!

We can't wait to see you all again in the Magic Meat Truck!


The new water system for our chicks.
Find the Magic Meat Truck in Ballard today!