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Last load of the day.

10 September, 2022
Neverstill Ranch, Birkenfeld Oregon

Farmer's have a reputation for starting the day very early, but loggers take it to another level.  It is not uncommon for us to be wrapping up a long day on the farm only to hear the quiet crunching of the first logging truck rolling down the gravel drive past the farmhouse at 02:45.  Beginning their day at 3am, the final load typically leaves the farm just after noon.  Fire watch is a real concern this time of year, so one logger is designated to remain in the woods for an additional hour to do so.  The loggers are very kind, friendly folk, always waving cheerfully as they slowly creep past the barns and outbuildings, occasionally giving a short blast on the horn much to the kids delight.  The earliest driver, Brian, hails from the Astoria area and has shared with us his passion for good food, regaling us with stories of his many travels in Spain and Europe where he and his culinarily talented wife delighted in finding "secret treasures" such as our farm.  Yesterday on his final run of the day, he pulled over as we were loading the Magic Meat Truck for market and informed us that his wife had insisted he bring home something from the "Bacon Farm", as the loggers affectionately refer to our place.  He described how they all get a good chuckle when a rambunctious herd of piglets scatters before the laden trucks as they roll out of the woods along the river-lined pastures.  We sent him home with two handsome, massive slabs of deep mahogany colored, smoke-burnished bacon and a gleaming, fat duck roulade, tied with a sprig of rosemary and butcher twine.   Taking his larder and a plump load of logs, he rolled across the bridge in the midday sun to deploy his dual harvests.

As I mentioned last week, we have begun harvesting our latest batch of chickens, a breed we are naming "Poulet Bleu".  Their plumage is quite striking with streaks of black, midnight blue, and a dark, irridescent green.  Their skin has a bluish hue as well and they are a beautiful addition to our Magic Meat Truck Selection.  Taking significantly longer to reach maturity than our other breeds of chicken, the flesh develops deeper flavor and complexity, and has a satisfyingly toothsome texture.  We have raised only a handful of these birds this season, so be sure to try them before they are gone.  They are certain to delight.  Additionally, the ducks are at their magnificent, fatty, autumn prime and are some of the best specimins we have produced.  We have all things "ducky" this week, including confits, roulades, rillettes, duck fat, whole ducks, duck breasts and duck legs.

As usual, Rose has put together a stunning selection of products this week.  She will be doing the markets this weekend while the kids and I take care of the farm.  I know she is eager to see you all in the Magic Meat Truck!

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Freshly smoked bacon
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