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Justin setting up the video equipment

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03 February 2023

NeverStill, Oregon

My brother Justin came down this Tuesday and setup his video equipment in the farmhouse kitchen. We are working on some exciting content for a video podcast series highlighting various recipes, cooking techniques and farm-life experiences. Stay tuned for more exciting details!

It was well below freezing much of the week, so we experienced the now familiar dance around the farm managing hoses and plumbing and frozen pipes and bucketing water to the animals and general winter chaos. This morning a warm front moved in bringing a more temperate clime and a bit of relief from the icy intensity.

On Wednesday and Thursday, Rose and I managed another quick farm kitchen remodel.

We love the kitchen at the new FarmHouse, but it was not quite suited to our lifestyle and cooking intensity so we have been taking opportunities to spend a few hours here and there gently shepherding it more into a direction which suits us. This week we removed additional cabinetry and focused on creating a more open and modular space. We discovered a new term: The Unfitted Kitchen. Apparently this design style is more common in farmhouse and restaurant kitchens, but whatever the style, it resonates with ours. I will share more photos and updates as we progress. For us, a “remodel” phase must be completed in less than a few hours, as the “show must go on” and our kitchen can never be out of operation for longer than that!

Rose has been smoking heavily this week! The fragrance of the smoked meats has been wafting seductively across the farm each morning. She has been long, cold smoking hocks, hams, lardo, bacon, guanciale and pork loins.

George will be operating the Magic Meat Truck this weekend. We have delicious farm eggs, duck fat, smoked ham and ham hocks, bacon, flavorful Red Ranger chickens, fat ducks, a freshly harvested grassfed Piemontese beef from our neighbors down the road in Mist, Oregon, and a lovely selection of sausages. I packed fresh jars of my creamy fermented mustard, briny olives and cornichons as well.

Find the Magic Meat Truck Saturday morning at University District, Saturday evening on Vashon Island, Sunday at Ballard, and Monday evening in Portland! Details of time and address are at the bottom of this email.


—George & Rose

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Kitchen remodel

Shepherding the farm kitchen.

Seductive smoked meats.

I couldn’t help myself. Another village loaf.

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