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Perlita gave us our first calf of the year


18 February 2023

NeverStill, Oregon

It was another eventful and productive week. It snowed on Monday. Valentines Day was Tuesday, on Wednesday Rose and I snuck into Portland for a quick date night. On Thursday Perlita gave us our first calf of the year. We have named her Hope. Friday was a flurry of market prep. Punctuating the week throughout were various continuations of plumbing and electrical projects in the Farm kitchen and the “ChopShop”, our commercial kitchen. This has left me with no time to write so I leave you with a repeat of last week’s recipe content below. I will be operating the Magic Meat Truck this weekend while Rose tends to the farm critters and farm children. I have packed another batch of my mustard, baked a village loaf and harvested fat ducks and chickens. Rose has tied some gorgeous barded beef roasts, baked delectable pates, smoked meats, and stuffed a bountiful array of sausages.

Find me Saturday morning at University District, Saturday evening on Vashon Island, Sunday at Ballard, and Monday evening in Portland! Details of time and address are at the bottom of this email.



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ducklings in the brooder


Barded Beef

Village loaf

Date night

ChopShop equipment upgrades.

Farm kitchen progress

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The kids have been spending a lot more time outside with the nicer weather. I never tire of their jolly smiles and rosy cheeks, along with the squeals of joy and peals of laughter as they frolic about the farm. After a day of brisk outdoor work and play, we unbundled into the farmhouse and enjoyed the open layout of our new kitchen to make “farm rice”, the recipe of which I share below. The simplicity of the preparation is a welcome meditation after a long day, and its versatility is well suited to the variation and bounty of a busy kitchen. We use the base recipe as an opportunity to use up various bits and bobs lying about. For example: the duck fat pan drippings from the night before, bacon grease from breakfast, a random bacon end or heel of a smoked ham, a stray carrot or even a half finished apple, a chunk of onion remaining from what was needed for another recipe and so on. The liquid base can be simply water, but we like at least some portion of it to be bone broth, or even the leftover liquid from poaching sausages or blanching a vegetable. The crucial ratio to remember is 2 cups dry rice to 3 cups liquid. If using a salted liquid, be sure to omit the salt in the recipe. I hope that you are enjoying reading and preparing these recipes as much as I enjoy commiting them to print!

Episode Six | 11 February 2023

Farm Rice

New for 2023! Each week I will highlight a favorite cooking technique or recipe for you to further enjoy our farm ingredients.

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