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Demolishing the old milking parlor on Vashon.

Tearing it down

12 January 2023

Vashon Island, WA

Two years ago, on 06 January, 2021, we first visited our newly discovered NeverStill Ranch farm property on the Nehalem River in Columbia County Oregon. Five months later, on 13 May 2021, we closed on the property and began the daunting task of moving our entire farming operation from Vashon Island. Knowing that this would be a rather complicated undertaking, we budgeted two years for the process. The past couple of weeks were spent working on the final stages of this project. We moved barrels of wine from the cellar, transported multiple loads of fencing and materials from the Vashon property and demolished some of the old and dilapidated outbuildings that were due to be removed. It was nostalgic and melancholy for me as I have lived on this little corner of Vashon Island for the majority of my adult life. There are many memories and a lot of history here. I have lived in this modest little farmhouse longer than any other home. It is bittersweet to move on, but we have the good fortune of passing the beautiful property on to our dear friend Dale whom is like a Godfather to our children and our closest friend and supporter. We couldn’t imagine a better person to take on this magnificent property. We know we will always have a connection on this piece of land and to the island and anticipate many wonderful visits with Dale as he shapes the property to his visions and dreams.

Rose will be operating the Magic Meat Truck this weekend. Find her today at University District, this evening on Vashon Island, tomorrow at Ballard, and Monday evening in Portland! Details of time and address are at the bottom of this email.



George and Rose racking wine

River in our Vashon wine cellar

Staging wine barrels for the move

Two trailer loads of fencing and equipment heading to our NeverStill, Oregon farm.

Roman and Madrona helping gather ducks for harvest back at our NeverStill Ranch.

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