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Coq au vin, Portland

Coq au Vin and the Magic Meat Truck are open for business on NW Thurman Street

Expecting a baby, expecting a restaurant

2376 NW Thurman Street, Portland Oregon

08 July 2023

Rose is on the final stretch of her gestatory journey, now entering her 38th week.  In typical fashion, she is busy as ever, bringing her nesting instincts into our new space on NW Thurman Street. As her maternal drive motivates her to prepare for the pending arrival, she fastidiously presides over the design and setting of the new restaurant space we are birthing, Coq au Vin.  We are both thrilled to be bringing a new life into the world, and a new dining experience into Northwest Portland!

As we continue to develop our dining options, we are pleased to announce the release of prepaid gift cards to the upcoming restaurant.  By purchasing these you will be given access to pre-opening dinners and other exclusive events at Coq au Vin and at the farm.  Find more information about our restaurant concept and the prepaid offers here:

Coq au Vin Restaurant Info

Getting back to our Seattle Popups.

Over the course of the past four weeks we have been working feverishly to build out the processing kitchen, retail area and base of operations for the Magic Meat Truck.  We continue to negotiate with the Oregon Department of Agriculture and King County Health Department to revise our licensing to allow us to deploy the truck to the Seattle and Portland area farmer’s markets.  In order to do so it has become apparent that we will be required to make modifications to the truck to meet revised food safety codes.  This process will be rather costly, complex and will take a fair amount of time to complete.  Sadly, this prohibits us from doing our Seattle and Vashon popups for the time being.  We are targeting a date in early fall to complete the project.  In the meantime, please continue to order from our online store for shipment to your home.

And be sure to visit us at Coq au Vin soon!  It’s been fantastic seeing so many of our Seattle friends stopping in on their visits to Portland!  We feel truly loved!


George and Rose

We are currently open for retail meat and food sales at Coq au Vin, 2376 NW Thurman Street Portland Oregon, 11am-7pm Daily

Order Here for Home Delivery

George has been busy cooking!  Sauce Bolognese, Cassoulet, Braised beef cheek ragout, marinated spatchcocks for the grill!  Get your weekend goods!

Processing kitchen at Coq au Vin

Rose and George operating the Magic Meat Truck in Portland

Our new processing kitchen at Coq au Vin

Magic Meat Truck in Coq au Vin

Madrona in pink

The kids loved seeing their sister Adela stop by Coq au Vin with her friend Evelyn!