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River loved the swings at the playground in Ridgefield!

More Diesel Woes

04 March 2023

NeverStill, Oregon

You may recall from a previous post last year that we were having issues with the emissions control system on the Magic Meat Truck. Unfortunately, these issues continue to plague us and many others worldwide whom have purchased Ford vehicles outfitted with this particular diesel engine. The units are under a recall notice, however the issue is that due to a vast backlog of vehicles experiencing the problem, exacerbated by continuing global supply chain disruptions, the Ford dealerships continue to put us on months long waitlists and require us to leave the vehicle in their shop for several weeks whilst they mitigate the warranty issues. Being without the truck for more than a few days and missing the weekend markets is not an option for us, so we have been relegated to working through third party shops to do their best to clean out the systems, reset the error codes and get us back on the road until Ford can assist us. This has been an incredibly frustrating experience, particulary given that we chose to purchase a factory new vehicle platform to host the Magic Meat Truck, precisely to avoid such unreliabilities. We took the unit in to the friendly folks at RPM Northwest for another tuning this week and we are back on the road for the time being, but the writing is on the wall that we will likely be without the truck for an extended period of time towards the end of the month when Ford can service us. We will keep you all posted and hope to arrange an alternative method to get our product to our customers, likely through some form of pre-orders which we can deliver in a rental vehicle.

On a positive note, we were able to spend some quality time with the kids at a playground-park in Ridgefield while we waited for the truck repairs. We were also able to remain productive on the farm and have an abundant selection of farm fresh meats and sausages to share with you all this weekend!

Rose will be operating the Magic Meat Truck this weekend while I tend to the farm critters and farm children, and continue work on our new chick and duckling brooder. I have baked a village loaf and harvested fat ducks and chickens for the markets. Rose has made some stunning cuts from a beautiful boar we slaughtered this week, baked delectable pâtés, smoked meats, and stuffed a bountiful array of sausages.

Find Rose Saturday morning at University District, Saturday evening on Vashon Island, Sunday at Ballard, and Monday evening in Portland! Details of time and address are at the bottom of this email.



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ducklings in the brooder

Playground time with the kids after picking up the Magic Meat Truck from RPM Northwest in Ridgefield

Rose rolled bountiful batches of stuffed sausages this week!

Rose’s 3 step sausage technique:

1) Poach gently in water.

2) Brown gently

3) Deglaze pan with wine and cream to make a pan sauce

Rose’s Creamed Sausages!

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