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A sooty Rose after cleaning the poultry scalder
The final quarter of the year, with its attendant harvest celebrations and holiday feasting, is the season when we produce more poultry than at any other time.  Additionally, as restaurant clients begin to order more duck for their winter menus, it becomes imperative that we perform routine and preventative maintenance on our poultry processing equipment.  Last week Rose did just that, scrubbing all of the sooty buildup from the underbelly of our gas-fired poultry scalder, that said soot which, over time, develops into an insulative blanket, slowing the heat transfer to the scald water, thereby wasting both time and fuel.  The jet black, fluffy-fuzz is an absolute bother to work with, drifting about and smudging indelibly every surface it touches.  Rose was a stalwart, tackling the thankless task with determination and gusto.  Afterwards, she entered the farmhouse slathered in soot, eager to quench her thirst with a well deserved Buckhorn Ale from Camp Colvos Brewery.  I couldn't help but reflect on the many years ago when Matthew Lawrence, the founder and owner of Camp Colvos Brewery, worked with me, slaughtering and processing poultry on the selfsame equipment.  That was nearly twenty years ago.  The machines are going strong, faithfully assisting us in the task of scalding, plucking and cleaning assorted poultry for our loyal customers week after week for nigh on two decades.  I like to ponder how many hearty and nourishing meals passed their nascent journey through these well-worn instruments.  And pondering further, how many blood and soot stained hands of those like Rose and Matthew, have assisted me over the decades, carefully, tirelessly, thoughtfully and lovingly preparing these fine foods to nourish and pleasure the palates of our people.  

Strutting and waddling about the farm, our hefty hens and delectable ducks are plump with their winter fat, bursting with earthy richness derived from bountiful autumnal forage amongst the fallen nuts and fermenting fruits of the orchard, the green grassy regrowth of the meadows, the ubiquitous mushroom blooms and whatever other daily delights entice the fowl.  Being so endowed, the majestic birds are ready for your harvest and holiday tables, dying to be paired with autumn brassicas, winter squashes, nutty root vegetables and sweet fruits of the fading orchards.  We will be well stocked with birds over the next few weeks, but it is always helpful to place an order to ensure your larder is amply supplied.  You can do so by tapping the button below.

By massive popular request we now offer electronic gift cards!  While you are placing your holiday orders, why not take the opportunity to share the Magic Meat Truck offerings with a friend or relative or co-worker?  The e-Gift Cards are available in any denomination desired over $50, never expire, and are usable at any of our Magic Meat Truck Locations as well as on our website.  Which reminds me, if you or those you know are unable to travel to our popup locations, we now offer shipping!  Orders placed throughout the week will be shipped every Monday for Tuesday delivery.   (If you are not in Washington or Oregon, contact us for special instructions.)  For more information on shipping, tap the "Order from our Online Store" button below.

AND FINALLY, We are now offering a new Popup at the farm!  Place an order and come pickup at our Neverstill Ranch location, or find the Magic Meat Truck on the farm, open and in operation every Monday from 11am-1pm.  See below for more details.

Rose and I will BOTH be on the Magic Meat Truck this weekend!!  WE are so eager to see all of you!

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Rose with a fat goose
On the Vashon Ferry last week