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Late summer marks the beginning of the autumn fattening of the fowl. From now through the end of the year our chickens and ducks are at their fatty, succulent prime. In honor of this season Rose made a celebratory batch of Coq au Vin featuring our flavorful roosters stewed in red wine on an aromatic bed of prosciutto, garden tomatoes and onions. We have packed it in quart jars to sell on the Magic Meat Truck. So pretty. 

Our first ever Vashon popup was a success!  My apologies to all those interested who received my extremely short notice too late to attend. We are planning to make this a regular event beginning next Saturday, 28 August. 

I will be at UD about 9:30-2 today and 9-2 at Ballard tomorrow. See you in the Magic Meat Truck!