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In the early Nineties 
I dated a British girl from Surrey. She worked as a nurse in a veteran’s hospital in south London. One of the elderly patients on her ward would ask each day on morning rounds “Hello Frances. Are you happy in your work?” This phrase has stuck with me, bouncing around my head for the past thirty  years. And my internal answer has been for those thirty years “Yes!” I have found so much happiness in what I do.

This week we had a lovely time visiting with my family at a beach house on the Oregon coast which we have been renting every autumn for decades. Friday evening Rose and I returned to the farm and began preparations for the market weekend. It involved a lot of work until early this morning, feeding the livestock, slaughtering chickens and ducks, loading the truck and cutting meat but I felt an incredible sense of fulfillment and happiness producing these products for you, my customers and friends. I am happy in my work. 

I am eager to see each of you in the Magic Meat Truck this weekend. 

**We will be arriving at UD at about 10:30 this morning. We will be doing a Vashon popup from 5:30 to 6:30 this evening. We will be at Ballard from 9am-2pm tomorrow. 
Baby River with Grandpa Page
Baby River with his cousins Ellis and Eddy
Waterfall on the beach near Lincoln City Oregon 
Getting ready for market