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Fireside Raclette!

09 October 2021

Melty cheese!
With temperatures dipping into the 30s this week we lit up our woodstove for the first fire of the season. This inspired me to get out our fireside raclette holder. The kids love the fun of melting cheese by the fire. And what could be better than eating melted cheese, pickles, salami, prosciutto and crusty bread around a crackling fire on a cold autumn day!   

We will be arriving at the University District popup at 09:30 today and Ballard at 09:00 tomorrow. We will NOT be doing our Vashon popup tonight. 

See you in the Magic Meat Truck!  We have all the fixings for Raclette as well as some fun new items like Roquefort and Coppa.!
Fireside Raclette
Madrona and Roman love melty cheese!