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A New Duck Paddock

30 October 2021

Neverstill, Oregon

It was a balmy, spring-like day yesterday.
I took advantage of the pleasant weather and built a new paddock for the layer ducks right next to the farmhouse.  Our new Birkenfeld property is blessed with a magnificent, three-story farmhouse, originally constructed in 1915.  It has classic farmhouse lines with an expansive wraparound porch, making it a great place to enjoy sweeping vistas of the farmland and adjacent mountains.  It is surrounded by a substantial, grassy lawn which is very lush and green, and is itself surrounded on three sides by the waters of Deep Creek.  I've never been much into mowing lawns and instead view them as fantastic pasture opportunities for our livestock.   I would much rather have them do the work of maintaining the yard and convert its contents into meat, milk and eggs.  This new paddock will make gathering of the eggs much easier as it is a short step from the porch.  It should last the birds for most of the week and then I will gradually rotate them around the entire 5 acre yard over the course of the autumn.

We will be arriving at the University District popup at 09:30 today and Ballard at 09:00 tomorrow. We WILL be doing our Vashon popup tonight from 5:30 - 6:30pm. 

See you in the Magic Meat Truck!
Layer ducks near the farmhouse
Our Dorset and Jacobs sheep grazing the pasture with layer ducks and farmhouse in background.