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Last night I slaughtered the first of our spring chickens for the year,
 the red-feathered heritage breed we call Poulet Rouge.  These beauties are weighing in at about three pounds and are young, tender and delicious.  I also processed our first batch of ducks from this year’s flock.  It is fun to have a change of pace with the spring season and transition to the younger, milder, and more succulent birds.

Rose prepared a seductive meal afterwards, featuring a plump spring duck roulade topped with luscious, dripping Fourme D’Ambert bleu cheese, the first asparagus and spring garlic from the garden and fresh bread from the oven.  We accompanied it with  our recently bottled Pinot Noir from 2014 and a bit of my latest batch of wine-fermented mustard. It was a magical meal in the fading spring twilight as the murmuring of the farm animals drifted through the farmhouse door and the gentle babbling of Deep Creek merrily serenaded our meal. Seductive indeed. Pure bliss.  

Rose, the kids and I are eager to see you on the Magic Meat Truck this weekend!

River with spring chickens
River with spring ducks
Rose and River in the spring tractor.
Madrona in her spring fashion selection 
Spring garden goodness 
Seductive Spring Supper