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A load of 90 year old logs
Harvest has begun on the timber farm to the south of us.  The Johnston family has lived and farmed on the opposite side of the Nehalem River from us for multiple generations.  They have a 75 year old easement across our farm to access the 400 acres of timber land they have accumulated on our side of the river over the decades.  The bucolic and robust wooden trestle bridge which serves as the entrance to our farm across Deep Creek is their only access to the timberland.  Farming in general is a time consuming endeavor and is not an activity well suited to the impatient.  Tree farming is the most extreme example of this.  One must think in terms of generations, rather than years.  Much of the crop which is planted will not be harvested in ones liftetime, but rather by ones offspring.  The logs that are being harvested by the Johnston family this summer are ninety years old.  They are phenomenal specimens, girthy and uniform. The pride in Mr. Johnston's demeanor is infectious, as the loaded trucks slowly roll by, fat with the harvest that his father and grandfather planted before he was born.  It is deeply profound to think of how different this farm and valley, and even the world was 90 years ago.  I often think about the visions and efforts we make as humans that we will likely never see the completion of, but rather are creating a legacy for future generations.  My youngest son River will celebrate his first birthday on Tuesday.  I hope to leave a lasting legacy on this farm and in this valley for him and his children to harvest some ninety years hence. 

Rose has put together a stunning selection of products this week.  She worked until four this morning loading the truck.  She and the kids will be staying at the farm while I do the markets this weekend.  I am eager to see you all in the Magic Meat Truck!


River will celebrate his first birthday on Tuesday!
The Bridge across Deep Creek