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03 December 2022

Dinner in Astoria

We enjoyed our first light snowfall of the year at NeverStill this week.  It’s always a joy to wake the kids and see the delight in their faces when they discover the white wonderland that has magically appeared during their slumber. While the kids frolicked in the snow, our neighbor helpers from a nearby farm, Angel and Sarah, graciously tended to farm and children while Rose and I slipped away for a dinner date in Astoria. We enjoyed appetizers at Brut, a charming wine bar, where we were referred by the owner to a lovely new Italian restaurant on the waterfront, Trattoria Fedé. I’m always fond of squash ravioli with sage-butter sauce and their execution was perfectly balanced. We also enjoyed Oregon shrimp linguine and discovered that Sablefish is another name for Black Cod, which they served in a tasteful blend of briny green olives and chunky tomato compote. The Oregon Pinot paired nicely and we closed with chocolate cake and lemon tart. We will be sure to make this a regular visit!

Back at the farm, Rose and I bustled about preparing a vast array of market fare, including smoked ham, duck leg confit, glistening pork chops, fat ducks and dry-aged Beef Ribeye steaks. Come find us this weekend at our usual locations in UD, Vashon, Ballard, NeverStill and Portland!

Dinner at Fede