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Early this morning Rose was making final preparations for market as I finished writing this email.  I made myself a coffee and stepped out into the frosty darkness.  Time was on my side for once and I strolled leisurely over to the ChopShop to warm up the Magic Meat Truck.  I found myself staring at an empty slab of concrete and the realization dawned on me.  Rose had taken the truck and was on her way to market.  I had expressed to her my exhaustion the night before and how I was longing for a break from the weekend routine.  Such is her love for me that she cleverly and deftly swiped the responsibility from my shoulders and bore it upon hers.  She is an amazing woman.  She is a force.  I leave you with her expression of love for all of you and what we do at the bottom of this email.

I will see you all NEXT week in the Magic Meat Truck. 
Love and gratitude to you all and to my beautiful Rose.

I have begun experimenting with a new flour called "Rouge de Bordeaux".

It is a heritage wheat that has been used for traditional bread making in France for many centuries. My current batch of flour was freshly stone-milled last week.  This freshness is paramount to the qualities of the doughs and breads I have been developing, and has been transformative to my process.  The aroma is fragrant and slightly floral with hints of honey, baking spices, sweet pea blossoms and an ever so subtle whisp of lavender.  The resulting doughs have completely different characteristics in proofing, shaping and kneading than anything I have ever worked with.  I have also procured whole wheat berries in hopes that we might plant, grow, harvest and mill our own wheat flour this coming year.

Last time I made a lovely batch of naturally leavened croissants, and proceeded to forgetfully leave them at Neverstill.  This week I did not forget.  I will see you all soon.

I will be arriving at UD at 09:00 Saturday and Ballard at 09:00 Sunday. 
I am eager to see each of you in the Magic Meat Truck this weekend!

**EDIT:  ROSE remembered the bread and croissants and SHE will be seeing you all in the Magic Meat Truck!  :-)**


**Please note we will not be at our usual location in Ballard Sunday.  We are now fully independent and will not be part of the market organization for the 2022 season.  We will be located four blocks south of our former location.  Continue walking two blocks past south end of market, or find ample parking south of us on Ballard Ave.  We will be located at the intersection of 20th Avenue NW and Ballard Avenue NW at about 5200 Ballard Ave NW in front of the Macleod’s pub.  We are still finalizing our street permits for this new location, so please bear with us as we make this transition.

A letter from Rose.
This has been a trying week for me. I feel a change occurring within, a metamorphosis.
Some of you may be unaware of my contributions to the butcher truck.  On a weekly basis I butcher all of the beasts in the case. I make all cuts, sausage, pâté, broth, sauces, rillettes, confit, hams, bacon, etcetera. In addition, I slaughter and process all the poultry, as well as do the majority of the farm chores, not to mention my half in raising my children.
This is not supposed to be a laundry list, but rather a manifestó of my devotion and deep passion for food, and for the world George and I have created.
As I work, I have time to consider deeply what this food means, and to prepare it for you, our customers and consumers, with love and health, with meditation, with dance, with passion, and with my heart.
This is my love letter to you. My heart is wrapped up in a four-walled magic truck that rolls love and devotion from my heart and hands, every week, to you.
I will be your "Vendorina" in  the magic truck this weekend.
I’ll be in the usual locations. Across from Herkimer coffee u-district Saturday. In front of Macleod's pub Ballard Sunday.

It is my pleasure to see you all, I can’t wait.


Rose and Madrona
Rose plucking ducks
Hot out of the oven
Proofing croissants

Come find us this weekend! 
We have a lovely selection of luscious French cheeses, along with our farm-raised duck, chicken, beef, lamb, pork, sausage, pâtés, charcuterie, salumeria and wine.