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On Thursday evenings we gather the poultry for harvest on Friday morning. We stage the birds overnight in small pens near the processing area without access to feed. This ensures that their crops and digestive tracks are empty for processing which makes for a more hygienic harvest. Roman loves to help me with this task and has become an excellent duck wrangler. We start by shepherding the ducks into a small corral. This is quite easy to do with ducks as they flock very well. (Not so much with chickens. They require a different approach). Once the birds are confined in this small area, Roman climbs in with them and gently hands the ducks to me one at a time and I place them in awaiting crates on the trailer cart. Once they are loaded we transport them to the processing area to rest until morning. This is a weekly process for us as we never freeze our birds. We find the texture and flavor is superior to frozen meat. That said we know our meat freezes well and many of you have great success doing so. 

Rose put together a lovely Piggy Pack this week and even made a few extra for those of you who prefer the one-off version. 

Rose’s Piggy Pack for 9 July:
A slice of Rose’s country pate
A Pork cassoulet kit:
-ginger garlic pork rillettes in clay crock
-French Tarbais Beans
-Confit of smoked pork belly
-country style sausage
-2014 Pinot Noir
-Rose’s fresh bay shoots
-San Marzano Canned tomatoes
-pork Bone stock

Reminder:  We will be at a NEW location in UD today, at 5229 University Way NE from 9am-2pm. 

Due to Strawberry Festival on Vashon today we do not know where we will be located in town. I will send a quick email update once we know. Or you can text or email for details.  We will also be at Ballard tomorrow from 9am - 2pm. 

Rose, the kids and I are eager to see you all in the Magic Meat Truck!

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Rose’s Piggy Pack for this week
Ginger-Pork Rillettes 
Roman transporting ducks. 
River aspires to be Roman’s replacement!  Still in training. 
The kids love to help. 
Huck dutifully watches over the ducks and sheep in the field