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We spent a couple of days at our Vashon property this week, transferring wine to new barrels.

We have moved most of the farm operations to our new location in Birkenfeld, Oregon, but there remains a substantial amount of effort to wrap up activities at the Vashon location.  It is always a delight to be back on the property but leaves us a tad melancholy with the bittersweet sting of leaving a place we love so well.  We are very fortunate to be selling the property to our best friend and therefore have a continued presence on the island for the foreseeable future.

After leaving Vashon with a load of wine barrels, we swung by Coffee Creek Farm in Centralia.  My sister-in-law Mokey operates the farm, along with my brother Jared. We have contracted with them to "brood" our poultry for us this year.  This means they raise the baby chicks in a heated, cozy brooder building until they are old enough to transfer outdoors to our pastures at Neverstill.  We picked up our first batch of young chickens from them on Tuesday.  Mokey is particularly good at tending to baby animals, so this is a fantastic fit for all of us.  We are super excited about this new collaboration!

For the markets this weekend, we made a delicious batch of Sauce Bolognese, a rapturous round of smoked bacon and sausage from the smokehouse, more of our luscious duck legs and Roulades de Canards, as well as a special duck pâté that Rose created. 

Rose, the kids and I are so eager to see you on the Magic Meat Truck this weekend!

George racking wine.
Roman and Madrona helping rack the wine.
Roman and Madrona helping Jared and Mokey at Coffee Creek Farm
Mokey and Madrona checking on the baby ducks.
The kids enjoying the spring weather.