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Megan and George on the Magic Meat Truck

The Marvelous Miss Megan.

29 October 2022

Ever since joining the staff at the Ballard Farmer's Market several years ago, Megan has always been kind, friendly, supportive and swift to lend a generous, helping hand. 
 On market days, she would eagerly and routinely take Roman and Madrona for a walk through the market, whenever it became apparent that we needed the relief, or simply because she loved our kids so much.  In December of 2021, Megan approached us with an offer to help us on the Magic Meat truck.  She had been working for the Ballard Farmer's Market for the past three years, and it was time for her to move on.  Their loss has been our incredible gain.  We lept at the opportunity and she began helping us the next day.  She has been a godsend and is a powerhouse of a worker with a golden heart, a relentless work ethic and a can-do attitude.   She has been a staple of our operation for the entire year, swinging River into a backpack, taking the other two kids by the hand and cheerily prancing to the park for play, patiently attending to a wailing plea for a potty break or a diaper change, spending the afternoon at the local library, or taking a jaunt through the bustling market to pickup produce for our butcher shop production.  You likely have seen her quietly in the back of the truck, ever-diligent, deboning poultry, tying gorgeous duck roulades and plump, cheese and prosciutto-stuffed chicken breasts, sweeping and tidying and generally keeping a "tight ship".  She will be leaving us for a few months this winter to pursue a longheld dream of hers, a season working at a ski resort in the Rocky Mountains.  Spending nearly every free day snow-boarding this past winter, I know she is looking forward to many long hours honing her skills on the slopes and then unwinding with the other "snow rats" over pints of beer and ski-lodge fare.  Fortunately, she is eager to return to work for us fulltime next spring upon completion of her season on the slopes.  This will be her last weekend on the Magic Meat Truck for the year.  We are saddened to see her go, but delighted to see her pursue her passion this winter.  We love you Megan!!

As usual, Rose has put together a stunning selection of products this week.  She will be doing the markets this weekend with Megan while the kids and I take care of the farm.  I know they both are eager to see you all in the Magic Meat Truck!

Megan and River
Megan on the slopes