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George with a Bleu Rooster
One of my favorite kitchen tools is a contraption called a "Moulin à Légumes", or Food Mill.  On one of my many journeys to France over the years I picked up a massive restaurant sized unit at my favorite kitchen supply store on the planet, E. Dehillerin.  It is very satisfying to crank the large handle on the mill and separate the pulpy, undigestible skin and seeds from a soup or sauce.  I use it routinely with a coarse plate to make my annual tomato sauces.  The resulting texture is delightfully meaty and rustic, with a soft sweetness in contrast to the watery and slightly bitter result of a food processor or blender.  Using the handy barstool I built last month as a table, I set to it and milled another batch of tomatoes this Tuesday. Methodically churning the fragrant sauce is a nostalgic opportunity to slow down and reflect on the seasons of life and its many journeys.  I cherish  the kitchen as a temple of sustenance and meditation. 

We have begun harvesting our latest batch of chickens, a breed we are naming "Poulet Bleu".  Their plumage is quite striking with streaks of black, midnight blue, and a dark, irridescent green.  Their skin has a bluish hue as well and they are a beautiful addition to our Magic Meat Truck Selection.  Taking significantly longer to reach maturity than our other breeds of chicken, the flesh develops deeper flavor and complexity, and has a satisfyingly toothsome texture.  We have raised only a handful of these birds this season, so be sure to try them before they are gone.  They are certain to delight.  Additionally, the ducks are at their magnificent, fatty, autumn prime and are some of the best specimins we have produced.  We have all things "ducky" this week, including confits, roulades, rillettes, duck fat, whole ducks, duck breasts and duck legs.

As usual, Rose has put together a stunning selection of products this week.  I will be doing the markets this weekend while she and the kids take care of the farm.  I am eager to see you all in the Magic Meat Truck!


Magic Meat Truck Popup Schedule for this week:

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Milling tomato sauce
Adela in front of E. Dehillerin Paris, April 2019
Daddy's little helpers.  Madrona and Roman.
Bugey stands guard over the chicken paddock.
Fresh Toulouse Sausage.