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The Magic Meat Truck Rides Again

01 April 2023

NeverStill, Oregon

Once again, the Magic Meat Truck has been in the shop most of the week. This time, it was to replace well-worn brakes. Such was their state of wear that the brake calipers shot out of the wheels and skidded across the shop floor as the mechanic reversed the truck into the lift. We cut that one a little too close, but we did get maximum use out of the brakes! The EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system remains to be replaced under warranty, so we have that scheduled for next week. We hope for this to be the final piece of an epic saga of truck repairs for now, and we can focus our efforts more effectively on other, more productive tasks!

Rose has written the Farm Story for this week’s post. I leave her musings with you here as I wind my way northward through the Misty Mountains to do the Seattle PopUps this weekend. I am eager to see you all on the Magic Meat Truck.

—xoxo, George

The River of Life

My mother told me life was a river, it ebbs and flows, waxes and wanes, speeds and slows. She told me to let the current take me, not swim against it.

That beautiful current of life led me to George, to Sea Breeze Farm, to the joys of this farm life, to the empowering of our strengths as farmers and food purveyors.

Life’s river also led us to the valley of the Nehalem River. One of many reasons we moved here, is because we wanted to provide you with the highest quality products we possibly could create. The abundant pasture, expansive forests and waterways, give us the prime opportunity to graze and rotate our flocks to the highest degree.

As we we shape and tend this land to bring our animals the greenest pastures, and you the most delicious products, we find the direction of the river of our farm and business taking unexpected turns.

As I surrender to this, let go, let the current take me, I look forward to sharing what this river has to offer not only me and my farm and family, but all of the beautiful people that we feed, that we provide for.

We appreciate your continued support. I look forward to many years of farming and feeding to come.



George will be operating the Magic Meat Truck this glorious spring weekend. Find him Saturday morning at University District, Saturday evening on Vashon Island, Sunday at Ballard, and Monday and Friday evenings in Portland! Details of time and address are at the bottom of this email.

Please note we have abundant lamb, pork, and beef organs; a variety of smoked goods, ham, bacon, smoked lardo and guanciale; gorgeous duck, pork and lamb.

We are also pleased to be featuring beef from our friend Patrick on Puget Island, Little Barn Farm, from Cathlamet, Washington, only miles from our farm. This beautiful island has nearly year round grazing with nutrient dense pastures fertilized by the waters of the Columbia. The meat is maroon and fat golden from 3 years of 100% grass fed diet.

Rose bringing alfalfa hay to the sheep

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Magic Meat Truck Popup Schedule for this week:





If you have trouble finding us, text George @ 20 64 27 33 96

George & Rose