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11 April 2023

NeverStill, Oregon

We are now shipping by overnight UPS delivery every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Please place your order no later than Thursday morning to receive them by Friday. Any orders received after this will be shipped out on Monday evening for Tuesday delivery. Thank you all for your generous support as you continue to order from our online store. We have updated our inventory with more cheese, salami and charcuterie selections.

Notice: Our plan to send out return shipping labels for you to ship back the shipping cartons has turned out to be too costly and we are not able to do it. Please return the shipping crates and materials to us once we are back in operation at our Magic Meat Truck popup locations. (Or, if you feel so inclined, you may ship the boxes back to us at 10640 Freeman Road, Birkenfeld OR 97016.)

Speaking of the truck, Ford has just informed us that they have located a “long block” engine replacement for us in New Jersey.

Such is the state of supply chain disruptions that apparently this is the only one available in the country at the moment. We are fortunate to have found it. The engine is scheduled to arrive late next week and if all goes well we will be operational within three to four weeks from now. This means that we continue to rely on your online orders and support for our income for the next three weeks. Thank you all once again for your generous support. It means the world to us.

Please continue to support our family farm business in the following ways as we navigate this difficult crisis:

I. Order from our Online Store.

You may create an account and browse our store selection here:

Order Here

(We are continuously updating and expanding our online offerings. We ship to all addresses in the region and are able to ship to other states on a custom basis. If you are not in Oregon or Washington, please reach out for custom shipping details. We are also refreshing and upgrading our shipping and packing materials and welcome feedback and details regarding the arrival and packaging of your order.)

II. Buy a gift card.

It would mean the world to us if each of our regular customers would purchase a gift card for the amount they would have normally budgeted to purchase from us each week and redeem it at the Magic Meat Truck once we are back in operation. We are so grateful to all of the gift card purchases that have been received this week! Electronic “gift cards” may be purchased from our website here.

Buy Gift Card Here

III. Make a donation to our cause.

Your support is deeply appreciated. Donations can be made here:

Donate Here

—xoxo, George, Rose and “Farmily”

Oil all over the engine compartment

Rose’s glorious duck liver pâté.

Rose and the kids

We took advantage of an extremely rare Saturday off to visit the Portland PSU Farmer’s Market

Rose and the kids

Checking out butcher shops in Portland on Saturday

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Magic Meat Truck Popup Schedule is temporarily on hold while we await an engine replacement. Our normal schedule is as follows:





If you have trouble finding us, text George @ 20 64 27 33 96

George & Rose