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Kids and ducklings

Madrona and River tend to the ducklings.

Springy days, wintry nights

21 January 2023

NeverStill, Oregon

We spent the early part of this week transferring more wine out of the cellar of our Vashon Farmhouse. Thursday and Friday we were back at NeverStill Ranch in the Misty Mountains of Northwest Oregon. The weather was glorious yesterday, bright, sunny and warm, and the nights have been crisp, clear and freezing, with temperatures sinking into the upper 20s. We began our first brood of ducklings, choosing to setup a simple enclosure for their first two weeks on the back porch of the farmhouse, directly under the clothes dryer vent. I don’t know why I had never thougth of this before, but the dryer vent provides the tiny birds a welcome blast of heat as well as abundant air circulation, whilst utilizing an otherwise wasted resource. And given the sheer volume of laundry required to keep a muddy farm operation going in the winter, it is a winning solution!

George will be operating the Magic Meat Truck this weekend. I have a fresh batch of mustard, as well as flavorful Red Ranger chickens, Fat Ducks, dry-aged beef and a lovely selection of sausages. Find me today at University District, this evening on Vashon Island, tomorrow at Ballard, and Monday evening in Portland! Details of time and address are at the bottom of this email.



Ducklings in the brooder

Wine barrels staged for transport

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