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Born under the oak tree.
Rose will be operating the Magic Meat Truck with Megan this week.  I will be back at the farm with the kids tending to the animals and trying to keep everything "cool".

Reminder:  We are loving our NEW location in UD!  Come find us there today, at 5229 University Way NE from 9am-2pm!  You can also find us downtown Vashon from about 6pm-8pm near Camp Colvos Taproom.  And we will be in Ballard from 9am-2pm Sunday at 5200 Ballard Avenue NW in front of MacLeod's pub.  On Monday you can find us in Portland, in front of St. Honoré Boulangerie at 2335 NW Thurman Street.

We have a beautiful selection of plump grilling sausages, including ginger-beef bratwurst and spicy italian, 50-day dry-aged beef Ribeye steaks, another fresh batch of mustard, smoked sausages, hocks and bacon, Pâté de Rose, beautiful plump ducks, chicken and a full array of pork, beef and lamb cuts.

One of our sows escaped from the rest of the swineherd.  She has been ranging around the farm between the house and the barn for several weeks.  We didn't bother chasing her back in with the others as she was rather docile and not making too much trouble.  Much to our delight this week she came traipsing out from her shady digs under the oak tree with a handsome litter of fat little piggies!

It has been blistering hot this week, but thankfully not as bad as last summer.  We are coping well by trying to work in the cooler hours of the day, setting up sprinklers for the animals and enjoying frequent dips in the creek.

Come find us in the Magic Meat Truck!


PS--Reminder for those of you unable to make it to our popup locations.  We now provide shipping to Washington and Oregon!  Tap the button below to place an order.  We can't wait to deliver our farm fresh goodies to your door!
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The ducks love the sprinkler!
St. Honoré popup in NW Portland
Echinacea and Lavender!
Roman and Madrona cooling off in Deep Creek
The peaceful cool of Deep Creek on the farm

Details of our independent Pop-up locations are here:

University District, Saturday:  09:00-14:00 A bit north of the market at 5229 University Way NE, on the west side of the street.
Google Street View Link HERE.

Vashon Island, Saturday: 18:00-20:00, One block south of main Vashon town intersection near Camp Colvos Taproom. 
Google Street View Link HERE.

Ballard, Sunday:  09:00-14:00 A bit south of the market at 5200 Ballard Avenue NW, in front of Macleods pub. (Intersection of 20th Ave NW and Ballard Ave NW)
Google Street View link HERE.

Portland, Monday:  15:00-18:00 In front of St. Honoré Boulangerie at 2335 NW Thurman Street.
Google Street View link HERE.

If you have trouble finding us this weekend, text George @ 20 64 27 33 96

George & Rose