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Peeling Sod.

21 May 2022
Neverstill, Oregon
Rose spent most of Tuesday prepping a site for her second garden. 
It will augment our existing plot which supplies the production of onions, herbs, and garlic incorporated into our weekly sausages, sauces, pâtés and roasts. Using our cherished Kubota excavator she carefully peeled a layer of sod from a reasonably sized area for an appropriately ambitious kitchen garden.  Situated just a few steps southwest of the farmhouse it is optimally oriented for full solar exposure and quick access from the kitchen. Having an unobstructed view from my office window, I look forward to seeing her and the kids merrily weeding and harvesting our kitchen produce in the deep golden light of warm summer evenings. I can almost hear the squeal and chatter of the children’s banter laced with the gentle background symphony of chortling birds and lowing cattle. 
Meanwhile, in the farmhouse I carefully blanched tender spears of asparagus while plump chunks of chicken breast gently simmered in a thick blanket of cream and morels.

This week we feature the garden bounty in a luscious duck pâté, plump duck sausages laced with cream and butter-simmered onion, and petite spring chickens stuffed with garden herbs and onion. We also have magnificent dry-aged beef ribeyes, smoked duck breasts, juicy duck roulades and a  few more jars of my mustard and bolognese. 

Rose, the kids and I are eager to see you all on the Magic Meat Truck this weekend!
Rose’s new kitchen garden site
Rose peeling the sod
Chicken breasts with garden asparagus and a creamy morel sauce 
Duck roulade with garden herbs
Roman taking feed to the ducks
Leaving the farm this morning 

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