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Rose with hens

Rose with a couple of renegade layer hens.  Yes, we are shipping eggs too!!

The Sea Breeze Farmily

Green grass, happy cows, happy farmers!

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15 April 2023

NeverStill, Oregon

Rose, the kids and I standby ready to pack and ship our phenomenal products to your door! This is the third weekend without our magnificent Magic Meat Truck.  It is such a strange feeling not to be heading out for the weekend and setting up to vend our wares at our market popup locations.  As you all are doing your market shopping this weekend, please include us in your meal plans for the week.  We continue to have a beautiful selection of beef, lamb, pork, duck, sausage, bacon, cheeses and salami.  Order by Sunday evening and we will have your glorious selections delivered to your door by Tuesday.  Thank you all again for your incredible support in this difficult crisis!

Magic Meat Truck UPDATE  

The truck engine parts are scheduled to arrive Tuesday, which is sooner than expected and will give the repair shop a bit of a head start on engine replacement.

We are crossing our fingers that it will be ready in time for next weekends markets, but that is a long shot.  Most likely it will be the following weekend.

Shipping specials

With new, compact shipping materials at hand, we are now promoting our shipping program with the following specials:

  • Rose developed the ingenious idea of freezing our bone broths in small plastic pouches to use as ice packs!  Each order will include one or more of these broth packs as a bonus gift.

  • All orders over $100 qualify for free shipping.

  • Modest shipping charge of $15 for orders under $100

  • For all orders over $200, receive the following bonus gift item of your choice:

    • one pound ground beef

    • half pound triple créme cheese

    • one pound farmer’s breakfast sausage

(Leave a note at checkout indicating which of the free items you prefer)

Please continue to support our family farm business in the following ways as we navigate this difficult crisis:

I. Order from our Online Store.

You may create an account and browse our store selection here:

Order Here

(We are continuously updating and expanding our online offerings.  We ship to all addresses in the region and are able to ship to other states on a custom basis.  If you are not in Oregon or Washington, please reach out for custom shipping details.  We are also refreshing and upgrading our shipping and packing materials and welcome feedback and details regarding the arrival and packaging of your order.)

II. Buy a gift card.

It would mean the world to us if each of our regular customers would purchase a gift card for the amount they would have normally budgeted to purchase from us each week and redeem it at the Magic Meat Truck once we are back in operation. We are so grateful to all of the gift card purchases that have been received this week!  Electronic “gift cards” may be purchased from our website here.

Buy Gift Card Here

III. Make a donation to our cause.

Your support is deeply appreciated. Donations can be made here:

Donate Here

—xoxo, George, Rose and “Farmily”

Pork Loin

Rose’s boneless pork loin roast, seasoned with rosemary, thyme, black pepper and sea salt is the featured product of the week!


Vacherousse and salami ready to ship to your door

duck breasts

The duck breasts are so tasty right now!  Deep, rich, fatty flavor from green pastures!

Roulades de canards

Roulade de Canard.  Our family favorite.

duck pate

Rose’s glorious duck liver pâté.

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Magic Meat Truck Popup Schedule is temporarily on hold while we await an engine replacement.  Our normal schedule is as follows:





If you have trouble finding us, text George @ 20 64 27 33 96

George & Rose

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